ee-finder - keyword-based Emacs code finder


This extension is the replacement for original finder user interface. It is more usable and flexible than original finder. But ee-finder still uses finder's internal structures created by parsing of source files.

Default views

By Keyword

This view displays a sorted list of Emacs package file names grouped by keywords extracted by finder-compile-keywords from Emacs Lisp source files.

c-path-finder uses the keywords from finder-package-info. Packages with unknown keywords are placed under "(Unknown keywords)" category. Packages without keywords are placed under "(Uncategorized)" category.
c-printer prints the keyword name and keyword description from finder-known-keywords if any
r-printer prints the file name and synopsis (summary)
r-select visits the selected source file
+ (Uncategorized) (145)
+ (Unknown keywords) (418)
+ abbrev - abbreviation handling, typing shortcuts, macros (13)
+ bib - code related to the `bib' bibliography processor (3)
+ c - support for the C language and related languages (19)
+ calendar - calendar and time management support (22)
+ comm - communications, networking, remote access to files (31)
+ convenience - convenience features for faster editing (49)
+ data - support editing files of data (8)
+ docs - support for Emacs documentation (7)
+ emulations - emulations of other editors (23)
+ extensions - Emacs Lisp language extensions (40)
+ faces - support for multiple fonts (21)
- files - support for editing and manipulating files (14)
  compare-w.el compare text between windows for Emacs
  dired-aux.el less commonly used parts of dired
  dired-x.el extra Dired functionality
  dired.el directory-browsing commands
  fast-lock.el automagic text properties caching for fast Font Lock mode
  ffap.el find file (or url) at point
  jit-lock.el just-in-time fontification
  lazy-lock.el lazy demand-driven fontification for fast Font Lock mode
  locate.el interface to the locate command
  po.el basic support of PO translation files
  recentf.el setup a menu of recently opened files
  shadowfile.el automatic file copying
  uniquify.el unique buffer names dependent on file name
  view.el peruse file or buffer without editing
+ frames - support for Emacs frames and window systems (5)
+ games - games, jokes and amusements (26)
+ hardware - support for interfacing with exotic hardware (5)
+ help - support for on-line help systems (21)
+ hypermedia - support for links between text or other media types (5)
+ i18n - internationalization and alternate character-set support (38)
+ internal - code for Emacs internals, build process, defaults (37)
+ languages - specialized modes for editing programming languages (62)
+ lisp - Lisp support, including Emacs Lisp (31)
+ mail - modes for electronic-mail handling (79)
+ maint - maintenance aids for the Emacs development group (12)
+ matching - various sorts of searching and matching (8)
+ mouse - mouse support (17)
+ multimedia - images and sound support (6)
+ news - support for netnews reading and posting (80)
+ oop - support for object-oriented programming (12)
+ outlines - support for hierarchical outlining (7)
+ processes - process, subshell, compilation, and job control support (26)
+ terminals - support for terminal types (6)
+ tex - code related to the TeX formatter (10)
+ tools - programming tools (39)
+ unix - front-ends/assistants for, or emulators of, UNIX features (22)
+ wp - word processing (27)
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This view displays the alphabetically sorted list of Emacs package file names with summary.

r-printer prints the file names and synopsis (summary)
r-select visits the selected source file
  advice.el an overloading mechanism for Emacs Lisp functions
  align.el align text to a specific column, by regexp
  allout.el extensive outline mode for use alone and with other modes
  ange-ftp.el transparent FTP support for GNU Emacs
  animate.el make text dance
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  • Add more views (e.g. alphabetical)


See also with the similar functionality.