.emacs - Emacs init file

"Show me your .emacs  
and I'll tell you who you are."  
-- old proverb slightly modified

;; Most significant Emacs customizations:
;; 1. Full-screen Emacs desktop.
;; 2. Efficient navigation in different modes and between buffers.
;; 2.1. Lynx-like navigation in Info, Man, Dired, W3, W3M modes
;; 3. Disabled most of the default limitations.
;; 4. Improved many standard Emacs commands and modes.
;; 5. Added new functionality and new keybindings.
;; ...
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ee - Emacs Information Manager

 - ee
  - provides a simple and uniform interface for information display and editing
  - converts data to a relational database
  - manipulates data by operating on displayed tree views

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 Did you know that the phrase LINUX IS GOOD
 is an anagram of the phrase GNU IDOL IS OX!

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Useful Links

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