ee-bbdb - summary mode for BBDB


This extension provides the integration with bbdb package. It extracts records from bbdb internals and organizes them under different categories. This extension can replace "bbdb elided display".

Default views

By first letter of last word of name

This view categorizes bbdb records by first letter of last word of name. Alternative could be the first letter of lastname, but this has different purpose in the bbdb.

c-path-finder extracts first letter of last word of record name
c-sorter sorts first letters alphabetically
r-sorter sorts names alphabetically
r-printer prints record name and net address
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  • New views can be easily added. I think useful could be the views categorized by company, by country, by suffix of net-address.
  • Make all used variables buffer-local in the bbdb-mode, see buffer-local-variables in bbdb-records
  • Invoke send-mail on the category line to send mail to all (or every) category members