Ee - Emacs Information Manager


Ee is the categorizing information manager for Emacs. It works by collecting information from different sources and converting information to a relational or associative database. It uses the fields of database table records to build the category trees, which are displayed in the Emacs view buffer. The rules for creating the views are also specified by similar data structures and include the rules for building category paths, sorting records and categories, calculating the totals of category fields, filtering records, and printing category tree and record lines.

Available Extensions

You can visit next links for more detailed descriptions of currently available ee extensions and their views, for looking on their htmlized screenshots, and for discussion about new features:

ee-buffers display and manipulate Emacs buffers
ee-windows display and switch Emacs window configurations
ee-menubar categorized access to Emacs menu-bar
ee-commands categorized menu of Emacs commands
ee-processes display and manipulate Emacs processes
ee-history display lists from Emacs history variables
ee-customize browse Emacs customization groups
ee-info browse Info documentation
ee-finder keyword-based Emacs code finder
ee-tags etags facility
ee-imenu categorized mode-specific buffer indexes
ee-outline manipulate outlines collected from outline-mode
ee-marks display and go to marked lines in the current Emacs buffer
ee-gnus summary and topic mode for Gnus
ee-bbdb summary mode for BBDB
ee-edb summary mode for EDB
ee-ps display CPU processes
ee-dired categorized directory listings
ee-programs categorized program menu
ee-dselect Debian package handling frontend
ee-example accompanying example for demonstration of ee capabilities
ee-views display, edit and switch views
ee-fields display and edit fields of the current record
ee-textfile organize information from text files
ee-textfile-changelog organize information from ChangeLog files
ee-textfile-apachelog organize information from Apache log files
ee-datafile display and edit data files index of available ee extensions news list to-do list Emacs Lisp List
view/ list of links (bookmarks)

Mailing Lists

You can subscribe to mailing lists on the Ee project page at Savannah


2010-01-19 version 0.1.0 released
2003-08-09 version 0.0.2 released
2003-07-21 version 0.0.1 released

For details about user-visible changes see "by Version / by Category" view of the data file


The latest version is ee-0.1.0.tar.gz.

For installation instructions please see the file README.

You can get the current development version as well as older versions from
ee.git repository at (or ee.git gitweb at