FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is this site about and who is its author?

This is the personal web site of Juri Linkov devoted to programming, linguistics, humor and other creative things.

What does the site name JURTA mean?

JURTA has several intertwined meanings:

  • It is the Latin transliteration of the Russian word and the exact spelling of the Estonian word that means a circular domed tent of skins or felt stretched over a collapsible lattice framework. See more definitions of this word at Wikipedia.
  • In Japanese the word Juri (which also is my name) literally means lily and the word Tani means valley, so the combination of first letters of these words makes the word jurta which with combined meanings of two words means lily of the valley - the English name of a very nice flower.
  • The word org in Estonian means valley as well. So with the combined meanings the site name jurta.org can be interpreted as lily+valley.valley, i.e. lily of the valley that grows in the valley.
  • In Mongolian the word tan means belonging to, so jur+ta means belonging to Juri.

Those are basic meanings for the site name. The site name was carefully selected to have as many meanings as possible.

What is the copyright policy in regard to using material from this site?

Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. You may use any copyrighted material from this site, provided you either link us back and credit us as the source for the material (no need to ask permission in this case). Otherwise, you should ask permission to reproduce our material without linking us back or to use it for commercial purposes (in this case please send a request to <juri@jurta.org>).

How to ask more questions?

Just send your questions to <juri@jurta.org>.

Medals awarded to this site

The following medals, orders and ribbons were awarded to this site for several achievements:

The GNU Project - for supporting the GNU Project
Powered by GNU Emacs - for editing this site in the best editor, IDE and OS
Graphics by Gimp - for creating images for this site in the best image manipulation program
Powered by Linux kernel - on the best kernel
Valid XHTML 1.0! - for creating valid XHTML pages
Valid CSS! - for creating valid CSS style sheets
Viewable With Any Browser - for creating web pages best viewed with any browser
Frames Free! Ribbon - for avoiding HTML frames
Bash Flash! - for avoiding Flash
Microsoft free! - for avoiding Micro$oft products
GNU GPL - for developing programs under the best program license
Creative Commons License - for distributing content under the best content license
hacker emblem - for supporting hacker culture

My medals

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