ee-fields - display and edit fields of the current record


This extension displays names and values of all fields of the current record (i.e. record, where point was located before calling the ee-fields). Typing <RET> on a field will present the selected field's value for editing, and after entering the new value it will update the current record.

Default views

By Name

This view displays fields names and values.

r-sorter fields are sorted by their original sorting order in the record
r-printer prints the field's name and value
r-select opens the value for editing in the minibuffer or separate buffer
            type: buffer
          buffer: #<buffer ee-fields.el>
     buffer-name: "ee-fields.el"
      major-mode: emacs-lisp-mode
       mode-name: "Emacs-Lisp"
       file-name: "/home/juri/emacs/ee/ee-fields.el"
       directory: "/home/juri/emacs/ee/"
            size: 6219
       read-only: nil
        modified: nil
         modtime: (15969 . 21270)
    display-time: (15969 21170 242954)
   display-count: 3
            mark: nil
--:%%  *ee-fields*/*ee-buffers*    (ee-fields)--L1--C0--Top-----


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