- index of available ee extensions

Data Description

This data file holds a list of available ee extensions. Data are stored in the data file '' with mandatory fields 'title', 'description', 'command' and 'categories'. Example of data file:

  (format-version . "0.0.1")
  (database-version . "0.0.1")
  (data-version . "0.0.1")
  (author "Juri Linkov")
  (created "2003-02-15")
  (view-data-file . "view/")
  (fields title description command categories ())
  (key-fields title))
 ["ee-views" "display, edit and switch views" ee-views ("ee/internal") ()]
 ["ee-fields" "display and edit fields of the current record" ee-fields ("ee/internal") ()]
 ["ee-buffers" "display and manipulate Emacs buffers" ee-buffers ("ee/emacs") ()]
 ["ee-commands" "categorized menu of Emacs commands" ee-commands ("ee/emacs") ()]

Useful Views

Views are described in the same view file view/, which is used to organize links (bookmarks).

Default view is displayed by command M-x ee. This command will display the view of all available ee extensions, which you can select by typing `RET'.

By Category

This view displays a list of available ee extensions and after typing `RET' calls the corresponding ee extension.

r-select switches to the parent buffer, where it calls the corresponding command
- ee (27)
 - emacs (18)
  ee-buffers display and manipulate Emacs buffers
  ee-commands categorized menu of Emacs commands
  ee-customize browse Emacs customization groups
  ee-finder keyword-based Emacs code finder
  ee-info browse Info documentation
  ee-menubar categorized access to Emacs menu-bar
  ee-processes display and manipulate Emacs processes
  ee-tags etags facility for ee
  ee-windows display and switch Emacs window configurations
  - buffer (3)
  ee-imenu categorized mode-specific buffer indexes
  ee-marks display and go to marked lines in the current Emacs buffer
  ee-outline manipulate outlines collected from outline-mode
  - history (3)
  ee-history-command Display list from Emacs variable command-history
  ee-history-extended-command Display list from Emacs variable extended-command-history
  ee-history-shell-command Display list from Emacs variable shell-command-history
  - packages (3)
  ee-bbdb summary mode for BBDB
  ee-edb summary mode for EDB
  ee-gnus summary and topic mode for Gnus
 - external (4)
  ee-dired categorized directory listings
  ee-dselect Debian package handling frontend
  ee-programs categorized program menu
  ee-ps display CPU processes
 - internal (3)
  ee-example accompanying example for demonstration of ee capabilities
  ee-fields display and edit fields of the current record
  ee-views display, edit and switch views
 - textfile (2)
  ee-textfile-apachelog organize information from Apache log files
  ee-textfile-changelog organize information from ChangeLog files
--:%%  *ee-datafile*/ (ee-datafile)--L1--C0--All---------------------


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