- GIMP wishlist

Data Description

This data file holds a list of GIMP wishes extracted from by Emacs-Lisp program gimp-wishlist.el to ee data file

Useful Views

Views are described in the view file view/

by Priority/by Category

This view displays a list of GIMP wishes, grouped by priority and category.

c-path-finder groups by priority and category
r-printer prints wish name
r-select prints full information
- urgent (12)
 - Core (7)
  Artpad Support
  CMYK Support, PMS color tables
  Clip Point Editing
  Color Management
  Large Pictures Expose Bad Swap/Memory Management
  Resolution changing
  cmyk support
 - Tools (3)
  CGM file format supporting
  Include cursor in screenshots
  Lines that are actually straight
 - User Interface (2)
  Precise Brushes / Tools
- high (21)
 - Core (8)
  Better Text Input - kerning, etc.
  Color models
  Enhanced color picker
  Lock Images
  More dithering options
  Parameter history
  Support for higher bit-depth images
  glass filter based on texture
 - Tools (7)
  Clear Guides
  Group Select Guides
  Guides for Layers
  SGI RLA import/export plugin for GIMP
  Wire Frame Distort
  qtvr (quicktime panorama) support
 - User Interface (6)
  Exact Cursor Coordinates
  Keyboard Support Sorely Lacking
  Outline cursor for brushes
  Persistant Dialogs
  Toolpos Dialog
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